Stories from the Babysits community

I wanted to earn some extra money, so was looking for a part-time job for quite a long time, but it was difficult to find something that suited me. My friend recommended Babysits, and thanks to the platform I managed to find a job that fits my schedule. I am also happy that it did not cost me anything to publish my profile!

Marika, Tampere

My wife and I simply love Babysits! Since joining the Babysits community, we have been able to find babysitters for whenever we need and don't have to worry about planning our schedules far in advance anymore. Babysits is a blessing for busy parents like us!

John, Oulu

I used to feel nervous about leaving my children with a new babysitter, because I was scared what might happen when I am away. Babysits has made it easier for me, as I can read about the babysitters before I contact them. The useful tips and reviews have helped me to find a reliable babysitter.

Aino, Jyväskylä

Babysits is the perfect platform for a busy parent like me. I used to have troubles finding a babysitter, especially for those unexpected meetings on the weekend, and I had rely on expensive agencies. After I joined Babysits, I do not have this problem anymore, because there are always several babysitters available when I need help with childcare.

Rosa, Vantaa